November 2020 - The last days of autumn and the start of the holiday season.

The Wings over Kalamazoo holiday gift and craft show is on schedule for December 5 & 6. I will be there along with about 300 other crafters and artisans.

Thanksgiving is coming up which usually means a big feast. So whether you need to walk some off to prepare for the feast or walk some off after.  These destinations all have great nature walks.


There is a trail in the western upper peninsula that will definitely burn some calories. Getting down into the Sturgeon River Gorge requires a descent of about 400 feet on a narrow trail that uses switch backs to help manage the steep canyon wall.
Click for a short video of the waterfall at the bottom of the gorge.

A much easier upper peninsula trail, with spectacular views, is the Beaver Pond Trail at the quarry in the Fiborn Karst area near Rexton.

The trail at Ocqueoc Falls follows the course of the river and is gentle enough for most anyone. You can get directions to the waterfall by consulting the colorful map at The Purple Store a few miles north of Onaway.

On the other side of the state is the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute. They offer hundreds of acres and a variety of trails. This is a quiet place, no motors, not even pets are allowed.

Far to the southwest is the forest primeval, Warren Woods. The south entrance is closed for the season but you can still walk in from the north. 300 acres of old growth forest.

It may be near downtown Troy, but the Stage Nature Center has great trails and wildlife everywhere.

It doesn't matter where you go. If you are out there early, you may get a shot of an eagle at sunrise.

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