April 2019 - April is the month that promises the actual arrival of warm weather yet often reminds us that winter doesn't really end on March 20th.


The wild weather won't delay the Maple Syrup Festivals at the end of the month, though I have been there when it snowed in past years. Weather won't delay the National Trout Festival nor the Walleye Festival.

However, unsettled weather can be a factor for the other featured events this month.  There is still time to voulunteer to help Protect the Sturgeon during their spring spawning run up the Black River, but the timing of that event is affected by weather.  The Dance of The Woodcock usually occurs during April, but it is best to follow the schedule posted at the Stage Nature Center.  The Trillium Ravine will burst into bloom toward the end of the month. Traditionally, it is at peak the last week of the month into May; again subject to the whims of "Ma Nature".

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